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Analog Integrated Circuits by Dr. Shouri Chatterjee (IIT Delhi)

Video Lecture Series from IIT Professors :
Analog Integrated Circuits  by Dr. Shouri Chatterjee sir

Dr. Shouri Chatterjee
He is an assistant professor of the IEC group in the department of Electrical Engineering in IIT Delhi. He work in the area of mixed-signal analog and digital integrated circuit design. Prior to IIT Delhi, he did  B.Tech from IIT Madras,  M.S and Ph.D from Columbia University in the city of New York, under the guidance of Prof. Peter Kinget. After that he was a designer with Silicon Laboratories Inc., USA.
If you are interested in pursuing a M.Tech or a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering - to be more specific, in the area of analog and mixed-signal VLSI design, at IIT Delhi, please get in touch with him.

Lectures: Videos and Slides

NumberLectureVideoSlidesRaw Flash Video

Lecture 1,Integrated Circuits

Lecture 2,MOS basics[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 3,A basic small signal model[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 4,Capacitances[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 5,Parasitics[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 6,Balanced circuits[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 7,Input resistance[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 8,Current mirroring[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 9,Biasing current mirrors[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 10,Common source[HTML][PDF][SWF]


Common gate[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 12,Common drain[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 13,Common mode[HTML]*[PDF][SWF]*

Lecture 14,The virtual ground[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 15,Opamps[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 16,1-stage or 2-stage opamps[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 17,The Cascode Amplifier[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 18,Folded cascode[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 19,Bode plots[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 20,Phase margin[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 21,Scenarios[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 22,Compensation

Lecture 23,RHP pole[HTML]*[PDF][SWF]*

Lecture 24,Design tradeoffs

Lecture 25,Feedback basics[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 26,Common mode feedback (1)[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 27,Common mode feedback (2)[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 28,Noise (1)

Lecture 29,Noise in RC circuits[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 30,Consequences of noise

Lecture 31,Noise in an amplifier[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 32,Other forms of noise[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 33,Comparators (1)[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 34,Latches[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 35,Comparator - final design[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 36,References[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 37,Bandgap voltage reference[HTML][PDF][SWF]

Lecture 38,General discussions related opamp simulation

Lecture 39,Switched-cap for better time constants[HTML][PDF][SWF]

* No audio! Recording problem.


Tutorials will be posted in this webpage.
Tutorial 1,Diodes[PDF]
Tutorial 2,BJT circuits[PDF]
Tutorial 3,More BJT and MOS circuits[PDF]
Tutorial 4,Current mirrors[PDF]
Tutorial 5,Differential circuits[PDF]
Tutorial 6,Feedback[PDF]
Tutorial 7,Feedback (2)[PDF]
Tutorial 8,Bandwidth estimation[PDF]
Tutorial 9,Poles and zeros[PDF]
Tutorial 10,Compensation[PDF]

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