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Lecture PPTs


1. Microelectronic Circuit Design

2. Analog Electronics

3. Principles of VLSI Design

4. Analog IC Design

5. Electronics : Basics to Advanced

6. Solid State Circuits

7. Integrated Microelectronic Devices

8. Mixed Signal Electronics and Mixed Signal Circuit Design

9. Mixed Signal VLSI Design (workshop by IIT)

10. Introduction to Electrical & Electronic Circuits

11. Power Electronics

12. Introduction to VLSI Design

13. CAD for VLSI Design – I

14. CAD for VLSI Design – II

15. Digital Circuit Design

16. Control Engineering using MATLAB

17. CAD based Logic Design

18. Digital Systems

19. Mobile Computing

20. Digital Image Processing

21. Microelectronics : An Integrated Approach 

22. Speech Signal Processing 

23. Complex Digital Systems

24. Theory of Parallel Hardware

25. Digital Electronics - I

26. Digital Electronics - II

27. Digital System Design

28. Advanced Digital System Design

29. Real-Time Digital Signal Processing with TMS320C6000

30. Advanced Digital System Design with FPGAs 

31. Modeling and Synthesis of digital systems using Verilog 

32. Advanced Digital Logic Design

33. Digital Electronics - II (Revised)

34. VLSI Design Verification & Test  

35. MCQs, FAQs and Problems with Solutions on "Elelctronics" 

36. Integrated Filter Design

37. VLSI Design Techniques for Analog and Digital Circuits

38. Introduction to Integrated Circuit Design  

39. Assignments with Solutions on Introduction to Integrated Circuit Design 

40. Digital System Design

41. Digital Logic

42. Computer Organization

43. Mechatronics

44. Pulse width Modulation for Power Electronic Converters 

45. Analog and Digital Electronics : Basics to Advanced 

46. Basic Electronics

47. Mixed signal Integrated Circuit Design

48. Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit Design (Assignments & Solutions)

49. Analog Integrated Circuit Design

50. Electronic Circuits

51. Electronic Circuits(Assignments & Solutions)

52. Radio Frequency Filter Design

53. Radio Frequency Filter Design (Assignments & Solutions)

54. Analog & Digital Electronics





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