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MIT Lecture Notes or Lecture Slides on "Complex Digital Systems"

MIT   Lecture Notes (Slides) or (PPTs)

 "Complex Digital Systems" 
   by  Prof. Chris Terman
           Prof. Krste Asanovic
                                                                      Prof. Arvind

The table below contains information on the course's lectures (L) and tutorials (T). Tutorials 1 and 2 are courtesy of Christopher Batten. Tutorial 3 is courtesy of Michael Pellauer.

S.No Topics
L1 Introduction (PDF - 1.7 MB)
L2 Digital Design Using Verilog (PDF)
L3 CMOS Technology and Logic Gates (PDF - 2.4 MB)
T1 Verilog Simulation I (PDF)
L4 Wires (PDF - 1.4 MB)
L5 Synthesis (PDF)
T2 Verilog Simulation II (PDF)
L6 Clocking (PDF)
L7 Bluespec I: Motivation (PDF)
L8 Bluespec II: Designing with Rules (PDF)
L9 Bluespec III: Modules and Interfaces (PDF)
L10 Bluespec IV: Rule Scheduling and Synthesis (PDF)
T3 Bluespec (PDF)
L11 Power (PDF)
L12 Bluespec V: Processors (PDF)
L13 Bluespec VI: Modularity and Performance (PDF)
L14 Transaction Level Design and Verification (PDF)
L15 Testing (PDF)

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