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Lecture Notes or Lecture Slides on "Digital Electronics - I" (with Assignments and Solutions) by Prof. Peter Y. K. Cheung

Digital Electronics - I 
 by Prof. Peter Y. K. Cheung sir

Prof. Peter Y. K. Cheung
Professor of Digital Systems
Head, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Imperial College
Room 912, Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Exhibition Road
London SW7 2BT, England
                                    Phone: +44 207 594 6263 
                                    Fax: +44 207 581 4419 

  • To impart to you a formalism of logic enabling you to analyse logical processes
  • To enable you to implement simple logical operations using combinational logic circuits
  • To enable you to understand common forms of number representation in digital electronic circuits and to be able to convert between different representations
  • To enable you to understand the logical operation of simple arithmetic and other MSI circuits (Medium Scale Integrated Circuits)
  • To impart to you the concepts of sequential circuits enabling you to analyse sequential systems in terms of state machines
  • To enable you to implement synchronous state machines using flip-flops

Lecture Notes

Lecture 1  Overview (Problem Sheet 1, Solution)
Lecture 2  Introduction to Data Representation (Problem Sheet 2, Solution)
Lecture 3  Boolean Algebra and Combination Logic 1 (Problem Sheet 3, Solution)
Lecture 4  Boolean Algebra and Combination Logic 2 (Problem Sheet 4, Solution)
Lecture 5  Combinational Logic Gates and Implementation  (Problem Sheet 5, Solution)
Lecture 6  More Gates and Multiplexers (Problem Sheet 6, Solution)
Lecture 7  Signed Numbers & Arithmetic Circuits (Problem Sheet 7, Solution)
Lecture 8  Programmable Logic Devices (Problem Sheet 8, Solution)
Lecture 9
 Flip-flops & Sequential Circuits (Problem Sheet 9&10, Solution)
Lecture 10 More flip-flops (No problem sheet, same as Sheet 9)
Lecture 11 Counters (Problem Sheet 11, Solution)
Lecture 12 Finite State Machines (Problem Sheet 12, Solution)
Lecture 13 Application Examples (Problem Sheet 13, Solution)

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