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Lecture Slides (PPTs) on "Principles of VLSI Design" by Prof. Chintan Patel, UMBC: An Honors University In Maryland

 Dr. Patel was born in Amdavad, Gujarat, India. He received his Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from South Gujarat University in 1999. He received his M.S. in Computer Science from University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) in 2001. He joined the same department as a Lecturer, simultaneously pursuing his doctorate in Computer Engineering. He stepped out of student life in 2004 with his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from UMBC, worked as a Research Assistant Professor till 2010 and now prowls the corridors of the ITE building as an Assistant Professor.

Lecture Material on  "Principles of VLSI Design'

  Lecture 1: Introduction
  Lecture 2: CMOS Basics I
  Lecture 3: CMOS Basics II
  Lecture 4: IC Technology
  Lecture 5: Circuit and System Representation
  Lecture 6: Quality Metrics I
  Lecture 7: Quality Metrics II
  Lecture 8: MOS Details
  Lecture 9: MOS Capacitance and Resistance Model
  Lecture 10: Inverter DC & AC Response
  Lecture 11: CMOS Fabrication I
  Lecture 12: CMOS Fabrication II 

 Lecture 13: Circuit Characterization and Performance Estimation

 Lecture 14: Logical Effort
  Lecture 15: Power Dissipation
  Lecture 16: Interconnect and Wire Engineering
  Lecture 17: Design Margin, Reliability and Scaling
  Lecture 18: Combinational Logic Design
  Lecture 19: Combination Logic Design II
  Lecture 20: Sequential Logic Design

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