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Lecture Notes or PPTs or Lecture Material on " Microelectronic Devices and Circuits " from MIT

Microelectronic Devices and Circuits


Table of Contents


intro to semiconductors: electrons and holes, donors and acceptors

carrier transport: drift and diffusion

electrostatics in semiconductors; the "60 mV rule"

p-n junction electrostatics in thermal equilibrium

Introduction to MOS, MOS Capacitor

MOS capacitor under bias

MOSFET: I-V Characteristics

MOSFET: backgate and saturation

MOSFET: small signal model

Digital Logic Concepts

NMOS/Current Source Load

CMOS inverter: propagation delay

p-n junction diode I-V characteristics

p-n junction: short base approximation

p-n junction: static model

Intro to BJT

BJT electrostatics

single-stage amplifiers: common source/emitter

single-stage amplifiers: common base/gate and common collector/drain

frequency domain analysis

voltage gain frequency response, Miller approx

Open Circuit Time Constants: CG and CD

Multistage amplifiers

DC coupling, voltage/current sources and current sinks

analyzing complex circuits, Wrap-up

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