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Lecture Notes or Lecture Slides on "Real-Time Digital Signal Processing with TMS320C6000"

Real-Time Digital Signal Processing with TMS320C6000

University of London
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Third Year Study Project (M.Eng. Course - Technical Stream)
Real-Time Digital Signal Processing with TMS320C6000 (2000-1)
Darren Ward (Course Leader)
Mike Brookes
Peter Y. K. Cheung

Lecture Notes
Lecture 1 - C6x Architecture (DW)
Lab 1 - Getting started with C6x
Lecture 2 & Lab 2 - Data conversion (PC)
Lecture 3 - Software Tools (DW)
Lab 3 - Learning C & Sinewave generation
Lecture 4 - I/O & Interrupts (DW)
Lab 4 - Interrupt I/O
Lecture 5 - Fixed point vs Floating point
Lab 5 - FIR Filter implementation
Lecture 6 - FIR Filters (PC)
Lab 6 - IIR Filter implemenation
Lecture 7 - IIR Filters (DMB)
Lab 7 - Real-time spectral analysis
Lecture 8 - Frame Processing (DW)
Lecture 9 - Speech enhancement project

Useful links:
TMS320C6000 DSP overview
TMS320C6000 Programmer’s Guide
TMS320C6000 CPU and Instruction Set Reference Guide
How to Begin Development With the TMS320C6712 DSP

TMSC320C6000 Chip Support Library API Reference Guide
TMS320 DSP Product Family Glossary
Application Notes on TMS320C6000 family DSPs
TMS320C6000 Technical Brief
TMS320C62x Algorithm: Sine Wave Generation
Data Encryption Standard (DES) Implementation on the TMS320C6000
Understanding TMS320C62xx DSP Single-Precision Floating-Point Functions

Summary of differences between Pascal/Java/C
Pascal programmers guide to understanding C – Part I, Part II
Online C programming reference

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