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Lecture Notes or Lecture PPTs on "Mechatronics" by Dr. Ali Ahmed Adam


Fatih University - Faculty of Engineering
Electrical & Electronics Department
EA 305 Tel. 5588

 1985-1991      Bachelor (honor 1st  Class)   Khartoum University. Sudan    Faculty of Engineering   
                        Electrical Department
1994-1997      Master of Science. Electrical Engineering, Baghdad University, Iraq:
Thesis: ”One Phase Inverter Fed Three Phase Induction Motor
9-29/8/2000    “National Training Course on repair & Maintenance of Microprocessor and Microcontrollers Based Instruments”  Sudan Atomic Energy Commission (SAEC)
18-22/2/2001  “Basic Web Technology Skills for Courseware development”, Activity of the UNESCO USEE PROGRAMME FOR UPGRADING SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING EDUCATION

2001-2002    Diploma of Turkish Language, Ankara University, Istanbul-Turkey

2002-2007    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.),  Yildiz Technical University-Turkey, Electrical–Electronics Faculty, Electrical Engineering Department, Control & Automation Program.

Course Description: Introduction to mechatronics and measurement systems. Signal

 conditioning. Data presentation systems. Actuating systems: Pneumatic and hydraulic,

 mechanical, electrical. System models. System response. Closed-loop controllers. Digital

 logic. Microprocessors. Data acquisition. PLCs. Communication systems: Networks,

 protocols. Fault finding. Mechatronics systems:


1  Introduction to mechatronics systems. Measuring systems

2  Sensors & Signal Conditioning.

3  Actuating Systems: Pneumatic and Hydraulic

4  Actuating Systems: Mechanical, Electrical ; Quiz 1

5  System Modeling: Mathematical Modeling, Electrical modeling

6  System Modeling: Mechanical Modeling, Thermal Modeling.

7  System Response.

8  Midterm Exam

9  Closed Loop Control.

10 Microprocessors and Microcontroller systems.

11 PLC system.

12 Fault Finding. (Quiz 2)

13 Mechatronic System Projects: Study case 1.

14 Mechatronic System Projects: Study case 2.


Lectures Notes
Quiz & Home Work
  Quiz1         Solution   Quiz2         Solution
  Quiz3         Solution
  Quiz4         Solution
  HW1           Solution
  HW2           Solution
  HW3            Solution

Old Exams & Key Solution
Mid-Term Exam 2009          Solution
Mid1-Term Exam 2010         Solution
MidTerm2 Exam 2010            Solution

Some Lecture Notes
1-Notes 1
2-Notes 2
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