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Lecture Material (PPTs) on Power Electronics ( Industrial Electronics, JNTUH EIE IV year))

Power Electronics

Module 1 :  Power Semiconductor Devices

L-1 Power Electronics.pdf
L-2 Constructional Features, Operating Principle, Characteristics and Specification of Power Semiconductor Diode.pdf
L-3 Power Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT).pdf
L-4 Thyristors and Triacs.pdf
L-5 Gate Turn Off Thyristor (GTO).pdf
L-6 Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET).pdf
L-7 Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT).pdf
L-8 Hard and Soft Switching of Power Semiconductors.pdf

Module 2: AC to DC Converters

L-9 Single Phase Uncontrolled Rectifier.pdf
L-10 Single Phase Fully Controlled Rectifier.pdf
L-11 Single Phase Half Controlled Bridge Converter.pdf
L-12 Single Phase Uncontrolled Rectifier.pdf
L-13 Operation and Analysis of the Three Phase Fully Controlled Bridge Converter .pdf
L-14 Operation and Analysis of Three Phase Half Controlled Converter.pdf
L-15 Effect of Source Inductance on the Performance of AC to DC Converters.pdf
L-16 Power Factor Improvement, Harmonic Reduction, Filter .pdf

Module 3: DC to DC Converters

L-17 Types of Basic DC-DC Converters .pdf
L-18 Analysis of Buck Converter (DC-DC) Circuit .pdf
L-19 Commutation of Thyristor-Based Circuits Part-I .pdf
L-20 Commutation of Thyristor-Based Circuits Part-II .pdf
L-21 Introduction to Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Circuits.pdf
L-22 Fly-Back Type Switched Mode Power Supply.pdf
L-23 Forward Type Switched Mode Power Supply.pdf
L-24 CuK and Sepic Converter.pdf
L-25 Design of Transformer for Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Circuits.pdf

Module 4: AC to AC Voltage Converters

L-26 AC to AC Voltage Converters.pdf
L-27 Three-phase AC Regulators .pdf
L-28 Phase Angle Control in Triac-based Single-phase AC Regulators .pdf
L-29 Introduction to Cyclo-converters .pdf
L-30 Three-phase to Single-phase Cyclo-converters .pdf
L-31 Three-phase to Three-phase Cyclo-converters .pdf
L-32 Control Circuit for Three-phase to Three-phase Cyclo-converters .pdf

Module 5: DC to AC Converters

L-33 Introduction to Voltage Source Inverters.pdf
L-34 Analysis of 1-Phase, Square - Wave Voltage Source Inverter.pdf
L-35 3-Phase Voltage Source Inverter With Square Wave Output.pdf
L-36 3-Phase Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Inverter.pdf
L-37 Sine PWM and its Realization.pdf
L-38 Other Popular PWM Techniques.pdf
L-39 Current Source Inverter .pdf
L-40 Load-commutated Current Source Inverter (CSI) .pdf