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Lecture Notes or Lecture Slides on "Advanced Digital Logic Design" with Homework Assignments and Solutions by Prof. Robert Dick

Advanced Digital Logic Design

1. Overview of Advanced Digital Logic Design

2. Transistors in Digital Systems

3. Two Level Logic and Computational Complexity

4. Traditional Two Level Minimization

5. MUX implementation and Scripting Languages

6. Implememtation using ROM and FPGA

7. Technology Mapping and Arithmetic Circuits

8. Multilevel Minimization, Timing Models and Timing Hazards

9. Sequential Elements and Introduction to FSM Design

10. More examples on FSM Design (Adders, Subtractors and Multipliers)

11. Minimization of FSMs

12. Sequential System Design using VHDL

13. Registers, Counters and Asynchronous FSMs

14. Testing of Digital Circuits (Combinational and Sequential)

Homework Assignments 

  • Homework one — Two-level minimzation
  • Homework one solutions
  • Homework two — TG-based design
  • Homework two solutions
  • Homework three — Multilevel logic, covering, timing analysis
  • Homework three solutions
  • Homework four — Hazards, FSM synthesis and minimization
  • Homework four solutions
  • D-algorithm homework — Introduction to testing, D-algorithm
  • Laboratory Assignments

    • Lab one — Mentor Graphics Tutorial
    • Lab two — Espresso and SIS logic minimization
    • Lab three — Finite state machine design
    • Lab four — Finite state machine synthesis from a VHDL description

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