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One Week Workshop on "Mixed-Signal VLSI Design" by IIT Professors

Workshop on Mixed-Signal VLSI Design
Day 1

Mixed Signal VLSI DESIGN
by Prof  Arun.N.Chandorkar

   1) ISSUES & APPLICATIONS    (ppt)

   2) Basics of CMOS Analog, Digital and RF Circuits   (ppt)

   3) A Tutorial On Design of a Two Stage OPAMP   (ppt)

Day 2

Prof  M. Shojaei Baghini
   1) Comparators, Gm-C Filters, SC Filters in CMOS Technology   (ppt)

   2) i    LAB SESSION -1   (ppt)
       ii   LAB SESSION -2   (pdf)
Day 3
Prof Nagendra Krishnapura  
    Basics of Sampling and Quantization  (vedio lecture)

   Quantizer Non Idealities (vedio lecture)

Prof Shanthi Pavan

   Flash A/D converter - 1  (vedio lecture)

   Flash A/D converter - 2 (vedio lecture)

   Comparators for a flash A/D Converter (vedio lecture)

Day 4

Prof Nagendra Krishnapura

Static nonidealities of data converters       (vedio lecture)

Signals in time and frequency domains; taking DFTs correctly     (vedio lecture)

Taking DFTs correctly, windowing    (vedio lecture)

An Overview of Sigma Delta Converters  (ppt)

Day 5
Current Mode Interconnect
by Prof. Dinesh .K.Sharma

Lecture 1              (pdf) 
Lecture 2             (pdf)  
Beta-multiplier    (pdf) 
Background         (pdf)  

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