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Video Lectures on Mixed-Signal-Electronics and Mixed Signal Circuit Design by Dr.-Ing. Stephan Henzler


Mixed-Signal Circuit Design


The lecture mixed-signal electronics covers the topics time discrete signal processing, switched capacitor circuits, Nyquist rate analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters and oversampling i.e. sigma-delta-converters (discrete time and continuous time). Both system and circuit level aspects are discussed. Particular emphasis is given to implementation issues in modern deep sub-micrometer technologies.

Lecture & Tutorial

The lecture and Tutorials are  presented by Dr.-Ing. Stephan Henzler.

Lecture Presentations and Videos

The lecture presentations and videos are provided after each lecture.
Date Topic Presentation Video Lecture Add-Ons
25.10.2010 Introduction to Mixed-Signal-Electronics slides video  
01.11.2010 Public Holidays: All Saints      
08.11.2010 Sample-and-Hold Circuits slides This lecture is not recorded  
15.11.2010 Switched Capacitor Circuits I slides video  
22.11.2010 Switched Capacitor Circuits II slides video  
29.11.2010 Data Converter Fundamentals I slides video  
06.12.2010 Data Converter Fundamentals II slides video  
13.12.2010 Digital-to-Analog Converters slides video  
20.12.2010 Digital-to-Analog Converters II slides video  
10.01.2011 Analog-to-Digital Converters I slides video  
17.01.2011 Analog-to-Digital Converters II slides video  
24.01.2011 Analog-to-Digital Converters III slides video  
31.01.2011 Sigma Delta Modulators slides video  
07.02.2011 Sigma Delta ADCs and DACs slides video  

Tutorial Problem Sets and Example Solution

The problem sets for the tutorial are provided before each tutorial, the example solutions afterwards.
Date Topic Problem Set Example Solution Add-Ons
25.10.2010 Operational Amplifiers Recapitulation tutorial1 solution1 (part1) solution1 (part2)  
01.11.2010 Public Holidays: All Saints      
08.11.2010 Sampling of Continuous Time Signals tutorial2 solution2 (part1) solution2 (part2)  
15.11.2010 Sample-and-Hold Circuits tutorial3 solution3 (part1) solution3 (part2)  
22.11.2010 Switched-Capacitor Introduction tutorial4 solution4 (part1) solution4 (part2) homework solution
29.11.2010 Switched-Capacitor Amplifiers tutorial5 solution5 (part1) solution5 (part2) add-on problem
add-on solution
06.12.2010 Data Converter Fundamentals tutorial6 solution6 (part1) solution6 (part2)  
13.12.2010 Binary-Weighted Resistor Converter tutorial7 solution7 (part1) solution7 (part2)  
20.12.2010 R-2R Resistor Ladder Network I tutorial8 solution8 (part1) solution8 (part2)  
10.01.2011 R-2R Resistor Ladder Network II      
17.01.2011 Hybrid D/A-Converter tutorial9 solution9  
24.01.2011 Flash A/D-Converter tutorial10 solution10  
31.01.2011 Sigma-Delta A/D-Converter tutorial11 solution11 (part1) solution11 (part2)  
07.02.2011 Sigma-Delta A/D-Converter tutorial12 solution12  

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