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Video Lectures on " Digital Image Processing " by Prof. S. Sengupta sir, IIT Kharagpur

Video Lecture Series from IIT Professors :
Digital  Image  Processing by Prof. Somnath Sengupta sir, IIT KGP
Dr. Somnath Sengupta sir
Prof. Somnath Sengupta sir received B. E. in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Jadavpur University, India in 1978; M. Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras, India in 1980 and Ph. D. degree in Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in 1993. From 1980 to 1991, he worked with the Research and Development Laboratories of Tata Electric Company in various capacities - as Design Engineer, Project Leader and the Head of Signal and Image Processing Group. In 1991, he joined the Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India where he is a Professor. Presently, he is also the Chairman of Kalpana Chawla Space Technology Cell, IIT Kharagpur. He was on a visiting research fellowship to the University of Edinburgh, UK during the years 2000-2002. His research interests are in image processing, computer vision and multimedia signal processing

1. Introduction to digital signal processing

2. Image Digitization and Sampling

3. Image Digitization and Sampling (Contd.)

4. Basic relationship between Pixels

5. Image Interpolation and Re sampling

6. Applications of Image Re sampling

7. Perspective Transformations

8. Camera Models

9. Stereo Imaging

10. Search Space analysis for Stereo

11. Error analysis for Stereo

12. Introduction to Image Transforms

13. Seperable Transforms

14. Discrete Fourier Transform

15. Properties of Discrete Fourier Transform

16. Discrete Cosine Transforms and Hadamard Transforms

17. Properties of Hadamard Transforms

18. K - L Transforms

19. Comparision between Image Transforms

20. Applications of Image Transforms in Image Coding

21. Image Enhancement

22. Histogram Equalisation

23. Spatial Domain Filtering

24. Sharpening Filters

25. Edge Detection Operations

26. Transform Domain Filtering

27. Introduction to Image Restoration

28. Degradation model in discrete domain

29. Image Restoration using Inverse Filtering

30. Image Restoration using Weiner Filters

31. Constrained Least Square Restoration

32. Image Segmentation

33. Global Edge Linking using Hough Transform

34. Segmentation based on Thresholding

35. Region Oriented Segmentation

36. Representation of Regions

37. Boundary Descriptors


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