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Video Lectures on "Computational Modelling of Cardiovascular System" by Prof. Frank Sachse

Lecture Videos:

Computational Modelling of Cardiovascular System 

by Prof. Frank Sachse


Frank B. Sachse:
Computational Cardiology  


Brief outline:

This book is devoted to computer-based modeling in cardiology, by taking an educational point of view, and by summarizing knowledge from several, commonly considered delimited areas of cardiac research in a consistent way.
First, the foundations and numerical techniques from mathematics are provided, with a particular focus on the finite element and finite differences methods. Then, the theory of electric fields and continuum mechanics is introduced with respect to numerical calculations in anisotropic biological media. In addition to the presentation of digital image processing techniques, the following chapters deal with particular aspects of cardiac modeling: cardiac anatomy, cardiac electro physiology, cardiac mechanics, modeling of cardiac electro mechanics.
This book was written for researchers in modeling and cardiology, for clinical cardiologists, and for advanced students.
The Front Matter of the book is available for everyone.
The rest of the book is here available only for students at Tampere University of Technology.
Other students, please visit:
The Book on Springer Verlag page

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Lesson 1 Overview and Introduction to Anatomy
  1   2
Lesson 2 Electrophysiological Modeling of Membranes and Ion Channels
  3   4
Lesson 3 Electrophysiological Modeling of Cells
  5   6
Lesson 4 Modeling of Electrical Conduction in Cardiac Tissue
  7   8
Lesson 5 Modeling of Force Development in Myocytes
  9 10
Lesson 6 Mechanical Modeling of Tissue I
11 12
Lesson 7 Finite Element Method I, Mechanical Modeling of Tissue II
13 14
Lesson 8 Finite Element Method II, Finite Differences Method
15 16

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