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The 8051 Microcontrollers - Unit 1 - Review Questions & Answers from 8051 Microcontrollers & Embedded Systems by Mazidi

 Unit - 1:  The 8051 Microcontrollers


1. Microcontrollers are normally less expensive than Microprocessors (TRUE / FALSE)
2. When comparing a system board based on a microcontroller and a general purpose microprocessor, which one is cheaper?
3. A microcontroller normally has which of the following devices on-chip?
    a. RAM 
    b. ROM
    c. I/O
    d. All of the above
4. A general purpose microprocessor normally needs which of the following devices to be attached to it?
    a. RAM 
    b. ROM
    c. I/O
    d. All of the above
5. An Embedded System is also called a dedicated system. Why?
6. What does the term Embedded System mean?
7. Why does having multiple sources of a given product mater?


2. A microcontroller based system
3. D
4. D
5. It is defined since it is dedicated to doing one type of job.
6. Embedded System means that the application and processor are combined into a single system.
7. Having multiple sources for a given part means you are not hostage to one supplier. More importantly, competition among suppliers brings about lower cost for that product.

Section 1.2 - OVERVIEW OF THE 8051 FAMILY

1. Name three features of the 8051.
2. What is the major difference between the 8051 and 8052 microcontrollers?
3. Give the size of RAM in each of the follwoing:
    a. 8051
    b. 8052
    c. 8031
4. Give the size of On-Chip ROM in each of the following:
    a. 8051
    b. 8052
    c. 8031
5. The 8051 is a(an) ___ bit microcontroller.
6. State a major difference between the 8751, the AT89C51 and the DS89C420/430.
7. The DS89C420/430 is really an 8052 chip. (TRUE / FALSE)
8. The DS89C420/430  has a loader embedded to the chip, therefore eliminating the need for ROM burner. (TRUE / FALSE)
9. The DS89C420/430  chip has _____ bytes of On-Chip ROM.
10. The DS89C420/430  chip has _____ bytes of RAM>


1. 128 Byres of RAM, 4K Bytes of On-Chip ROM, Four 8 bit I/O ports
2. 8052 is similar to 8051 with extra features like one extra timer, 8K Bytes On-Chip ROM instead of 4K On-Chip ROM
    a. 8051 - 128 Bytes of RAM
    b. 8052 - 256 Bytes of RAM
    c. 8031 -  128 Bytes of RAM
    a. 8051 - 4K Bytes
    b. 8052 - 8K Bytes
    c. 8031 - Zero KBytes
5. 8
6. The main difference is the type of On-Chip ROM. 
    a. 8751 - UV-EPROM
    b. AT89C51 - FLASH ROM
    c. DS89C420/430 - FLASH with a LOADER on the Chip
9. 16K 
10. 256

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