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IIT Lecture Videos on VLSI Device Modeling by Prof. S.K.Lahiri Sir (IIT KGP)

VLSI Device Modeling  
by Prof. S.K.Lahiri Sir (IIT KGP)

Samir K. Lahiri obtained M.Tech. and Ph.D. in Radio Physics and Electronics from the University of Calcutta in the years 1966 and 1971 respectively. He joined the faculty of Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in the  Department of Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering in November 1971. Since then he served I.I.T. Kharagpur in various capacities: He became Professor in 1985, Co-ordinator – Microelectronics Centre in 1989, Dean – Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy (1997 – 2000), Chairman – Advanced Technology Centre in 1998, and the Deputy Director of the Institute during 2002 – 2005.. He took active role in the development and expansion of teaching and research programmes in microelectronics/VLSI, semiconductor devices, microelectromechanical sensors (MEMS), integrated optics and surface-acoustic-wave (SAW) devices. He has led research groups in challenging R & D activities in the above areas, sponsored by various agencies, which resulted in development of silicon linear bipolar ASICs, ECL gate chips, MEMS such as silicon micromachined thermal detectors, accelerometers, quartz micromachined gyro-chips and DETF accelerometer chips, integrated-optic waveguides and components, special SAW filters, etc. He also played the key role in setting up the Advanced VLSI Design Laboratory, Space Technology Cell and MEMS Design Laboratory in IIT Kharagpur. He has supervised 12 Ph. D. theses and authored about 150 research papers. He was the Secretary, Vice-President and President of IEEE Kharagpur Section in the early 1990s. He serves in various National Level Committees on Smart Materials & Structures, Nanotechnology and VLSI Design and is in the Research Council of CSIO Chandigarh and in various national level committees of ISRO, DRDO, CSIR, NPSM, DSIR, DIT/MCIT and other organisations. He is a Fellow of Indian National
Academy of Engineering.

6 - Bipolar IC Fabrication (Contd.)

7 MOS technology

8 MOS Inverter Layouts

9 CMOS Technology

10 MOS Inverter Analysis - I

11 MOS Inverter Analysis - II

12 Inverter with Triode Linear Load

13 CMOS Inverter

14 Power & Speed of MOS Inverters

15 Inverter Speed (contd.) & Pre Charged Logic

16 MOS Static Logic

17 Pass Transistor Logic & CMOS Gates

18 CMOS Static Logic

19 Dynamic Shift Registers

20 Dynamic Shift Registers (contd) & Pre-charged Logic

21 Precharged NMOS Logic

22 Domino CMOS

23 Domino CMOS Example

24 Domino CMOS Example (contd)

25 Programmable Logic Arrays (PLAs)

26 PLAs (contd.)

27 PLA Minimisation (Folding)

28 Other Forms of PLAs

29 Weinberger Array

30 Introduction to Gate Arrays & Semiconductor Memories

31 Semiconductor Memories

32 Semiconductor Memories (contd.)

33 Random Access Memories

34 Dynamic RAM (DRAM)

35 Dynamic RAM (DRAM) (contd.)

36 Bipolar Logic

37 Integrated Injection Logic (contd.)

38 Integrated Injection Logic (contd.)

39 I2 L (contd.)

40 I2 L Threshold Logic

41 An Advanced VLSI Single-Chip System

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  1. i believe lahiri sir is the best prof in this subjuct .i just love his explanation.