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Video lectures from IIT Professors for Mathematics , Physics and Chemistry

1.  Engineering Chemistry I   -   Prof. K. Mangala Sunder

2.  Physics I - Oscillations & Waves   -   Prof. S. Bharadwaj

3.  Mathematics I   -   Prof. P. Shunmugaraj

4.  Engineering Mechanics   -   Prof. Manoj K Harbola

5.   Engineering Physics II   -   Prof. S. Raychaudhuri

6.    Mathematics II   -  Prof. Tanuja Srivastava

7.  Basic Electronics and Lab   -   Prof. T.S. Natarajan

8.   Numerical Analysis and Computer Programming  -   Prof. P.B. Sunil Kumar

9.   Material Science   -  Prof. S.K. Gupta

10.    Mathematics III   -   Prof. Tanuja Srivastava

11.   Concept of Management and Evolution of Management thought   -   Prof. K.B. Akhilesh

12.  Quantum Physics   -   Prof. V. Balakrishnan

13.  Classical Physics   -   Prof. V. Balakrishnan

14.   Applied mechanics  -  Prof. Sanjeev Sanghi

15.  Human Resource Management-I - Prof. Kalyan Chakravarti

16. Leadership - Prof. Kalyan Chakravarti

17. Management Information System - Prof. Biswajit Mahanty

18. Numerical Methods and Computation - Prof. S. R. K. Iyengar 

19. Strategic Management  - Prof. Kalyan Chakravarti

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  1. These video lectures from IIT professors are very important from a students point of view as all of these are in very simple language. Very easy to understand for those also who are not so good in that particular subject.
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