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Video lectures from IIT Professors - Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

1.  Principles of Programming Languages     -   Prof. S. Arun Kumar

2.   Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming   -    Prof. D. Gupta

3.   Discrete Structures    -   Prof. Kamala Krithivasan

4.   System Analysis and Design   -    Prof. V. Rajaraman

5.   Data Structures And Algorithms    -   Prof. Naveen Garg

6.   Data Communication    -    Prof. Ajit Pal

7.  Computer Networks    -   Prof. Sujoy Ghosh

8.   Internet Technology    -   Prof. Indranil Sengupta

9.   Computer Architecture   -   Prof. Anshul Kumar

10.   Design and Analysis of Algorithms   -   Prof. Sundar Viswanathan
                                                                                            Prof. Ajit A Diwan
                                                                                           Prof. Abhiram G Ranade

11.   Computer Graphics    -    Prof. Sukhendu Das

12.   Software Engineering     -   Prof. N.L. Sarda
                                                                  Prof. Umesh Bellur
                                                                  Prof. Rushikesh K Joshi

13.   Database Design    -   Dr. S. Srinath
                                                      Prof. D. Janaki Ram

14.   Artificial Intelligence    -    Prof. S. Sarkar
                                                                Prof. Anupam Basu

15.   Introduction to Computer Graphics   -   Prof. Prem K Kalra

16.   Computer Organization    -   Prof. S. Raman

17.   Artificial Intelligence   -   Prof. P. Dasgupta

18.   Operating System    -    Prof. Kumkum Garg
19.  Compiler Design  -  Prof. Y.N. Srikanth
20. Electronic Design Automation  -  Prof. Indranil Sengupta 
21.  High Performance Computing  -  Prof. Mathew Jacob 
22.  Programming and Data Structure  -  Dr. P.P.Chakraborty
23. Real Time Systems  -  Prof. Rajib Mall 
24.  Theory of Automata, Formal Languages and Computation  -  Prof. Kamala Krithivasan 


  1. Hi Satish.
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    Praveen Srinivasan.
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    I need video lectures on the topic multistage interconnection networks.

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    I am a 2nd yr student and i am very weak in programming.Why there is no programming subject like c,c++,java...??
    If there is some other site or link from where i can get lectures on those please inform.

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