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SEQUEL (A Solver for circuit EQuations with User-defined ELements) developed at IIT Bombay

SEQUEL (A Solver for circuit EQuations with User-defined ELements) is a general-purpose simulation package developed at IIT Bombay. It has been extensively used for R and D activities at IIT Bombay. Recently, several examples in electronics and power electronics have been added to the package, making it attractive for teaching purposes. 

  • DC, transient, small-signal
  • Efficient "steady-state waveform" computation
  • digital (event-driven) simulation
  • mixed-signal simulation
  • perfectly "general" elements (mechanical, thermal, etc.)
  • GUI for schematic capture, plotting, etc.
  • Allows user-defined elements (linux version only)
  • Free !!

 Using SEQUEL for course work

A large number of ready-made simulation examples are made available with the SEQUEL distribution. These examples can be used in courses on electronics and power electronics in a variety of ways:

  • class-room demonstration of basic concepts by running exisiting examples in class
  • assigning simulation exercises in which students tinker with parameter values and observe their effect on simulation results
  • assigning design problems (for which simulation can be used to verify the design)
  • assigning "projects" in which students design and simulate a complex circuit or system


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