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Lecture Notes or Lecture PPTs on "Digital System Design" by Dr. Kartik Mohanram

Kartik Mohanram

Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Pittsburgh
934 Benedum Hall
Ph: (412) 624 0509
Email: edu dot pitt at kmram
Fax: (412) 624 8003

B.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, 1998
Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin, 2003

This course concerns the design of digital systems using integrated circuits. The main emphasis is on the theoretical concepts and systematic synthesis techniques that can be applied to the design of practical digital systems.

  • Combinational Logic: Introduction to the functional and physical properties of logic gates.
  • Combinational Logic Design: Formal synthesis techniques for designing combinational logic networks.
  • Combinational Building Blocks: Discussion of several commonly encountered combinational logic networks.
  • Basic Storage Elements: Introduction to the behavior and structure of latches, flip-flops, and registers.
  • Sequential Circuits: Formal synthesis techniques for realizing synchronous sequential circuits.
  • Sequential Building Blocks: Discussion of several commonly encountered sequential networks.
  • Timing Analysis: Introduction to timing analysis of combinational and sequential circuits.

General course handout PDF
Course schedule, with important dates and meeting locations PDF

Technology scaling and design: An overview PDF
Systems and design: An overview PDF
MOSFETs and logic networks: An overview PDF

Gates, gate networks, and Verilog PDF

Karnaugh maps and logic optimization PDF

Combinational circuit building blocks PDF

Latches and flip-flops PDF

Sequential circuit analysis PDF

Registers and counters PDF and Verilog esoterica PDF
Sequential circuit design PDF

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