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2015 BSNL TTA (Junior Engineer - JE) Question Paper with Answer Key

SRD TTA recruitments – 2016
Date: 21 – 02 – 2016 (Afternoon Session)
1. Which Indian subsidy is world’s largest direct benefit scheme?
a. LPG
b. Fertilizers
c. Food for work
d. Diesel
Answer: A
2. To whom, highest civilian award of the Indian government “Bharat Ratna” was awarded during 2015.
a. Sri Prakash Singh Badal
b. Sri L.K. Advani
c. Smt. MS Subba Lakshmi
d. Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Answer: D
3. The 24 km long Hirakud Dam is located at the border of
a. Orissa and Bihar
b. Orissa and Madhya Pradesh
c. Bihar and West Bengal
d. Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand
Answer: B

4. Moon revolves round the earth in ____ days
a. 27
b. 27 1/3
c. 27 2/3
d. 28
Answer: B
5. How many hours is IST ahead of GMT?
a. + 5:00
b. + 5:30
c. + 6:00
d. + 6:30
Answer: B
6. At which place DRDO has set up the world’s highest terrestrial research centre?
a. Leh
b. Sri nagar
c. Ladakh
d. Anantnag
Answer: C
7. Pick the correct antonym for the word “Validate”
a. Disapprove
b. Approve
c. Prove
d. Authentic
Answer: A
8. Pick the most suitable one word substitute: one who is unable to pay his debts
a. Optimist
b. Lapidist
c. Fatalist
d. Insolvent
Answer: D
9. The authod of the book “Rebooting Government”
a. Pranab Mukhargee
b. Arun Jaitley
c. Manmohan Singh
d. Nandan Nilekani
Answer: D
10. The state in India with less literacy rate as per 2011 census
a. Rajasthan
b. Jharkand
c. Arunachal Pradesh
d. Bihar
Answer: D
11. He is ________European
a. A
b. An
c. The
d. None of these
Answer: A
12. The president of India can be removed from his office on the recommendation of the
a. Supreme Court
b. Chief Justice of India
c. Lok Sabha
d. Two Houses of Parliament
Answer: D
13. The study of earth quake is known as
a. Sialogy
b. Seismology
c. Ecology
d. Theology
Answer: B
14. The distance between the two stumps of cricket pitch is
a. 18 yards
b. 22 meters
c. 18 meters
d. 22 yards
Answer: D
15. The total number of digits in UIDAI Aadhar card
a. 12
b. 13
c. 14
d. 15
Answer: A
16. Pick the synonym for the word “Zeal”
a. Hazardous
b. Connotation
c. Passion
d. Initiation
Answer: C
17. Which of the following personalities is known as “Metro Man”?
a. PV Chandran
b. Elattuvalapil Sreedharan
c. Tessy Thomas
d. Man Mohan sarma
Answer: B
18. Which technology giant has agreed to provide Wi-Fi hotspot at 500 railway stations in India?
a. Microsoft
b. Google
c. IBM
d. Wipro
Answer: B
19. Find the angle between two vectors a and b with magnitudes √3 and 2 respectively having a.b = √6?
a. 45o
b. 90o
c. 180o
d. 30o
Answer: A
20. The phenomenon of bending of light at the surface of separation of two media having different R.I is called
a. Deflection of Light
b. Reflection of Light
c. Refraction of Light
d. Absorption of Light
Answer: C
21. Race around condition occur in JK flip-flop is due to
a. The clock time is less than propagation delay
b. The clock time is greater than propagation delay
c. Due to triggering
d. None
Answer: B
22. The most stable sine wave oscillator with most simple circuit is
a. Colpitt’s
b. Armstrong
c. Phase shift circuit
d. Crystal
Answer: D
23. If θ is the angle between two lines whose slopes are m1 and m2, then tanθ = ____
a. m1 + m2
b. m1 + m2
c. (m1 – m2)/(1+m1m2)
d. (m1 – m2)/(1-m1m2)
Answer: C
24. The vectors having the same initial point are called
a. Position vector
b. Free vector
c. Co-initial vector
d. Unit vector
Answer: C
25. d(cosechx)/dx
a. cosechx.cothx
b. – cosechx . cothx
c. – sechx. Cothx
d. sechx . cothx
Answer: B
26. The sum of two unit vectors is a unit vector. The magnitude of their difference is
a. 2
b. √3
c. √2
d. 1
Answer: B
27. Isotopes are atoms that have
a. Same atomic number but different atomic mass
b. Same atomic mass but different atomic number
c. Same number of protons but different number of electrons
d. None
Answer: A
28. The area of the circle with center at (1,2) and passing through (4,6) is
a. 5 π sq. units
b. 25 π sq. units
c. 29 π sq. units
d. None
Answer: B
29. When the input to a seven segment decoder is “0100”, the number on display will be
a. 0
b. 2
c. 4
d. 9
Answer: C
30. A semi conductor when placed at 0oK will act as
a. Insulator
b. Conductor
c. Semiconductor
d. Metal
Answer: A
31. Positive feedback is used in
a. Amplifiers
b. Rectifiers
c. Oscillators
d. None
Answer: C
32. The laser produced from stimulated emission has the following characteristic
a. Monochromatic
b. Coherent
c. Very narrow and collimated ray
d. All of the above
Answer: D
33. Mass and weight
a. Are same quantities
b. Are different quantities
c. No relation between them
d. All of the above
Answer: B
34. Sound cannot travel through
a. Gases
b. Vacuum
c. Solids
d. Liquids
Answer: B
35. In a stationary wave, the distance between a node and its successive antinode is
a. I/2
b. I/4
c. I/8
d. I
Answer: B
36. The flip-flop which acts as frequency divider is
a. SR
b. D
c. T
d. None
Answer: C
37. The Odd parity is generated by
a. Ex-OR gate
b. Ex-NOR gate
c. NOT gate
d. All of them
Answer: B
38. _______ is a dimension less quantity
a. Gravity
b. Specific gravity
c. Density
d. Acceleration
Answer: B
39. Shift left by ‘n’ positions in shift register is equivalent to ______
a. Multiplication by ‘2n’
b. Addition by ‘2n’
c. Division by ‘2n’
d. None of above
Answer: C
40. Reluctance in magnetic circuits is analogues to _________ in electric circuit
a. Resistance
b. Voltage
c. Current
d. Power
Answer: A
41. The angle between the pair of straight lines X2–2XY +Y2 = 0
a. 45o
b. 30o
c. 120o
d. 90o
Answer: D
42. In a class-B amplifier, the output current flows for
a. 90o
b. 180o
c. More than 180o and less than 270o
d. 360o
Answer: B
43. Access time in memories is equal to
a. Latency time
b. Seek time
c. Transfer time
d. Sum of all the above
Answer: D
44. An equivalent decimal number of (234.55)8 is
a. 106.703
b. 156.703
c. 146.703
d. 308.703
Answer: B
45. The relative permeability µr is given by
a. B/µ0H
b. B/H
c. H/B
d. None
Answer: A
46. When a lead acid cell is recharged
a. The anode becomes dark chocolate brown color
b. Voltage rises
c. Energy is absorbed by the cell
d. All of the above
Answer: D
47. If AT = A–1, where A is real matrix, then A is
a. Normal
b. Symmetric
c. Hermitian
d. Orthogonal
Answer: D
48. An ideal voltage source will charge an ideal capacitor
a. In infinite time
b. Exponentially
c. Instantaneously
d. None
Answer: C
49. Divide by 78 counter can be realized using
a. 6 number of MOD-13 counters
b. 13 number of MOD-6 counters
c. 13 number of MOD-13 counters
d. One MOD-13 counter followed by one MOD-6 counter
Answer: D
50. In a step-up transformer, the turn’s ratio is 1:2. A Leclancge cell (EMF of 1.5 volts) is connected across the primary. The voltage across the secondary is
a. 3.0 volts
b. 0.75 volts
c. 0 volts
d. 1.5 volts
Answer: C
51. As frequency increases, the magnetic flux inside a conductor
a. Increases
b. Decreases
c. Remains constant
d. None of the above
52. Norton’s theorem results in
a. A current source with an impedance in parallel
b. A voltage source with an impedance in series
c. A voltage source alone
d. A current source alone
Answer: B
53. In a PN junction, depletion layer is created due to
a. Diffusion of ions
b. Diffusion of minority carriers
c. Diffusion of majority carriers
d. Diffusion of majority and minority carriers
Answer: C
54. In a Schmitt trigger, UTP = 12 volts and LTP = 8 volts, then the hysteresis loop VH is
a. 12 volts
b. 8 volts
c. 4 volts
d. 20 volts
Answer: C
55. Logic expressions can be simplified by using
a. Boolean algebra method
b. Karnaugh Map method
c. Tabulation method
d. Any of the above method
Answer: D
56. These are used for blood less surgery
a. Anesthetic
b. Fiber-Optics
c. Lasers
d. None
Answer: C
57. Kg-m2 per sec is the unit of
a. Energy
b. Momentum
c. Angular momentum
d. Power
Answer: C
58. The trigonometric Fourier series of a periodic time function can have only
a. Cosine terms
b. Sine terms
c. Cosine and sine terms
d. Cosine and DC terms
Answer: C
59. The loop gain of a Schmitt trigger is always
a. 0
b. Less than 1
c. Greater than 1
d. None
Answer: C
60. Five memory chips of 16 X 4 size have their address buses connected together. This system will be of size
a. 16 X 16
b. 16 X 20
c. 20 X 16
d. 16 X 64
Answer: B
61. “The direction of an induced EMF is such that it will always opposes the change that is causing” this law is
a. Kirchhoff’s Law
b. Lenz’s Law
c. Faraday’s Law
d. None
Answer: B
62. For a 12 bit A/D converter, the range of input signal is 0 to +10 volts. The voltage corresponding to 1 LSB will be
a. 0 volts
b. 0.0012 volts
c. 0.0024 volts
d. 0.833 volts
Answer: C
63. A string of 4 bits is called as
a. Bit
b. Byte
c. Word
d. Nibble
Answer: D
64. ʃ ax dx
a. ax/log a + c
b. ax + c
c. log a + c
d. log a/ax + c
Answer: A
65. The number of 4:1 MUX required to make 64:1 MUX is
a. 16
b. 64
c. 20
d. 21
Answer: D
66. Two long parallel conductors carrying currents in opposite directions _______each other
a. Attract
b. Repel
c. No effect on
d. None of the above
Answer: B
67. The 9’scomplement of a decimal digit is the
a. 1’s complement of the Excess-3 code for the digit
b. 2’s complement of the Excess-3 code for the digit
c. 1’s complement of the Excess-4 code for the digit
d. 2’s complement of the Excess-4 code for the digit
Answer: A
68. Which of the following configuration is used for emitter follower amplifier
a. Common base
b. Common emitter
c. Common collector
d. None
Answer: C
69. In a transformer, the ratio of primary to secondary is 9:4. If the power input is P, what will be the ratio of power output to the power input
a. 4:9
b. 9:4
c. 5:4
d. 1:1
Answer: 4
70. A network which contain one or more than one source of EMF is known as
a. Active network
b. Passive network
c. Electric network
d. None of the above
Answer: 1
71. The power consumed by a pure capacitor is
a. 1 W
b. 0.5 W
c. Infinity
d. Zero
Answer: D
72. In an N-channel JFET, drain current is maximum when gate voltage VGS is ___
a. Equal to VDD
b. More than VDD
c. Equal to zero volts
d. All the above
Answer: C
73. Electrons in atoms and molecules can change energy levels by emitting or absorbing
a. Protons
b. Photons
c. Electrons
d. All of the above
Answer: B
74. Echo is heard due to
a. Refraction
b. Scattering
c. Reflection
d. Interference
Answer: C
75. With reference to the early effect in Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT), the phenomenon of punch through occurs when______
a. Effective collector width is brought to ‘0’
b. Effective base width is brought to ‘0’
c. Effective emitter width is brought to ‘0’
d. None
Answer: B
76. Which of the following is true with respect to DC amplifier(Direct Coupled amplifier)
a. Capable of amplifying DC signals
b. Is designed without use of any coupling capacitors at input
c. Poor thermal stability
d. All the above
Answer: D
77. ʃ sin2x dx

Answer: B
78. Binary numbers can be converted into Hexadecimal numbers by grouping bits into group of ___ starting from ______and represented each group as Hexadecimal number.
a. Three bits, right most bit
b. Three bits, left most bit
c. Four bits, right most bit
d. Sixteen bits, left most bit
Answer: C
79. The battery will get warm, when we try to send too much current through battery. This is mainly due to
a. Battery manufacturing defect
b. Due to defect of connected load
c. Internal resistance of the battery
d. None
Answer: C
80. The induction coil works on the principle of
a. Self-Induction
b. Mutual Induction
c. Ampere’s law
d. Fleming’s right hand rule
Answer: B
81. Unit distance codes are also called as
a. Cyclic codes
b. Non-cyclic codes
c. Error codes
d. All of the above
Answer: A
82. Leakage currents in the silicon semiconductor is in the order of
a. Amps
b. Milliamps
c. Micro amps
d. Nano amps
Answer: D
83. The capacitive effects of a reverse biased PN junction are described by
a. Storage capacitance
b. Diffusion capacitance
c. Junction capacitance
d. All of the above
Answer: C
84. Which of the following is not a characteristic of ideal operational amplifier
a. Bandwidth = ∞
b. Perfect balance, Vo = 0 when V1=V2
c. Gain is -∞
d. Input resistance is zero
Answer: D
85. The distance between the parallel lines 4x+6y+4=0 and 4x+6y+5=0 is
a. 1/√52
b. √52
c. 1/√2
d. 1
Answer: A
86. Isotopes are atoms that have
e. Same atomic number but different atomic mass
f. Same atomic mass but different atomic number
g. Same number of protons but different number of electrons
h. None
Answer: A
87. The stabilization factor “Sico” of fixed bias circuit is
a. 1 + β
b. 1
c. Β
d. None
Answer: A
88. In complex numbers, the of i27 is
a. 37i
b. i
c. –i
d. – 37i
Answer: B
89. The vertex of the parabola Y2-2y+8x-23=0 is
a. (3,1)
b. (1,3)
c. (-1,3)
d. (1,-3)
Answer: A
90. Kirchhoff’s voltage law is known as
a. Conservation of charge
b. Conservation energy
c. Both
d. None
Answer: B
91. Waves travelling through a solid medium are
a. Transverse waves
b. Longitudinal waves
c. Either of the both
d. None
Answer: C
92. Two capacitors of 2µF and 3µF are connected in series across 10 volts. The potential difference across the 2 µF capacitor will be
a. 4 volts
b. 6 volts
c. 10 volts
d. Zero
Answer: B
93. The current in capacitive circuits _____ the voltage.
a. Lags
b. Leads
c. In phase with
d. None of the above
Answer: B
94. A ‘N’ bit flash type ADC requires maximum of ____ to complete conversion
a. N clock pulses
b. 2N+1 clock pulses
c. One clock pulse
d. 2N-1 clock pulses
Answer: C
95. Which one of the following is not a unit of time
a. Micro second
b. Second
c. Year
d. Light year
Answer: D
96. To convert Celsius (centigrade) to Fahrenheit
a. Multiply by 1.8 and add 32
b. Subtract 32 and divide by 1.8
c. Multiply by 32 and add 1.8
d. Subtract 1.8 and divide by 32
Answer: A
97. If the vectors 2i-3j+k and 3i+xj+k are orthogonal then x=
a. 2
b. 4
c. – 2
d. 1
Answer: B
98. The number of NAND gates required to implement Ex-OR and Ex-NOR gates are ____ respectively
a. 2,3
b. 3,2
c. 4,5
d. 4,3
Answer: C
99. Very small time intervals are accurately measured by the
a. Pulsars
b. White dwarfs
c. Atomic clocks
d. Quartz clocks
Answer: C
100. A coil having an inductance of 150 mH is carrying a current of 5 Amp. If the current is reduced to zero in 1 millisecond, the self induced EMF will be
a. 125 volts
b. 375 volts
c. 500 volts
d. 750 volts
Answer: D
101. The delay line is placed after
a. Horizontal amplifier
b. Vertical amplifier
c. Trigger circuit
d. Power supply
Answer: B
102. An analog transducer has range 0 – 10 volts. Calculate bits of an A/D converter, if the resolution is 5 mV.
a. 10
b. 9
c. 11
d. None
Answer: C
103. An amber LED on logic probe indicates
a. High state
b. Low state
c. Pulse
d. None
Answer: C
104. When the connected DC voltmeter polarities are reversed
a. The pointer deflects upscale
b. The pointer deflects downscale
c. The pointer remains stationary
d. None
Answer: B
105. An accurate voltmeter must have an internal impedance of
a. Very low value
b. Low value
c. Very high value
d. Zero
Answer: C
106. Moving processes from main memory to disk is called
a. Scheduling
b. Catching
c. Swapping
d. Spooling
Answer: C
107. ORACLE is
a. An operating system
c. An interpreter
d. A compiler
Answer: B
108. Repeaters function in the ____ layer
a. Physical
b. Data link
c. Network
d. Session
Answer: A
109. _____ antenna is most frequently used as reference antenna
a. Yagi-Uda
b. Parabolic
c. Horn
d. None
Answer: C
110. The _____is set (to 1), if there is a carry from the low nibble (lowest four bits) to the high nibble (upper four bits), or a borrow from the high nibble
a. Carry flag
b. Auxiliary flag
c. Sign flag
d. Parity flag
Answer: B
111. Two terminals constitute a “port”, if they satisfy port condition. The port condition indicates
a. Current leaving one terminal is equal to the current leaving the other terminal
b. Current leaving one terminal is different to the current leaving the other terminal
c. No current must enter and leave a port
d. All the above
Answer: A
112. A 75 Ω line is terminated to a load of 100 Ω and has some incident power. Percentage of reflected power is
a. 2%
b. 100%
c. 14%
d. 20%
Answer: C
113. The IF of standard FM receivers using the 88 to 108 MHz band is
a. 455 KHz
b. 26 MHz
c. 70 MHz
d. 10.7 MHz
Answer: D
114. The effect used in pointing vector watt meters, for their operation is
a. Heating effect
b. Induction effect
c. Hall effect
d. None
Answer: C
115. Which of the following is disadvantage of parallel data transmission
a. Speed is low
b. Data cannot flow in both directions
c. Cost of providing many registers, conductors etc.. is considerable
d. All the above
Answer: C
116. Armstrong modulator generates
a. AM signal
b. FM signal
c. PM signal
d. Both b and c
Answer: B
117. The capacitors used in single phase motors have no_____
a. Definite value
b. Polarity marking
c. Voltage rating
d. Di-electric medium
Answer: B
118. A UART is usually an individual (or part of an) integrated circuit used for ____ communications over a computer or peripheral device.
a. Serial
b. Parallel
c. Both
d. None
Answer: A
119. How many OSI layers are covered in X.25 standard
a. 2
b. 3
c. 5
d. 7
Answer: B
120. Typed matter/document is to be saved in ______
a. Folder
b. File
c. Hard disk
Answer: B
121. The type of computers which can execute millions of instructions and billions of data per second
a. Laptop
b. Mini computer
c. Mainframe computer
d. Personal computer
Answer: C
122. Ammeters are always connected in ____
a. Series
b. Parallel
c. either
d. None
Answer: A
123. When AM receiver is tuned to 1200 KHz, the local oscillator frequency is
a. 1200 KHz
b. 1655 KHz
c. 2110 KHz
d. 745 KHz
Answer: B
124. With respect to op-code “DAD”, which of the following is correct
a. It stands for decimal adjust accumulator
b. It adds 16 bit data directly in register pairs
c. Decrement source by 1
d. Increment source by 1
Answer: B
125. The typical value of characteristic impedance of a co-axial cable(Zo) is
a. 75 Ω
b. 300 Ω
c. 100 Ω
d. 600 Ω
Answer: A
126. A transmission line has reflection coefficient “k” equal to 0.2. The VSWR is
a. 0
b. 0.2
c. 0.6
d. 1.5
Answer: D
127. When a unit step input is applied to a perfect integrator, the output will be____
a. Bounded
b. Unbounded
c. Remains constant
d. Is unity
Answer: B
128. If a transmission line is terminated with a resistance equal to its characteristic impedance
a. The line loss will be maximum
b. The input impedance will be twice the terminating resistance
c. The standing wave ratio will be minimum
d. The standing wave ratio will be maximum
Answer: C
129. In feedback system, output is a function of
a. Output and input
b. Input and feedback signal
c. Reference and output
d. None
Answer: B
130. The term ampere-hour (Ah) is associated with
a. Rectifiers
b. Transformers
c. Electromagnets
d. Storage cells
Answer: D
131. In a critically damped system, the damping factor of the system is
a. Zero
b. Less than unity
c. Unity
d. Greater than unity
Answer: C
132. VSWR for an ideal antenna is
a. 0
b. ∞
c. 1
d. Zo
Answer: C
133. Compiler converts
a. Source code to higher language
b. Object code to source code
c. Source code to machine code
d. One source code to another source code
Answer: C
134. In a Nyquist criteria, the roots of characteristic equation are given by
a. Poles of the open loop transfer function
b. Zeros of the open loop transfer function
c. Poles of the closed loop transfer function
d. Zeros of the closed loop transfer function
Answer: A
135. Each PUSH and POP operation involves ____ at a time
a. A single bit
b. A single nibble
c. A single bye
d. A double byte
Answer: D
136. When a signal is given at “RESET IN” input of a microprocessor, then
a. Resets the program counter to zero
b. Reset the interrupt enable flag
c. Resets HLDA
d. All of the above
Answer: D
137. In a parallel circuit, all components must ____
a. Have same potential difference across them
b. Have the same value
c. Carry the same current
d. All the above
Answer: A
138. The standing wave ratio (SWR) equal to unity implies that
a. The transmission line is open circuited
b. The transmission line is short circuited
c. The transmission line characteristic impedance is equal to zero
d. The transmission line characteristic impedance is equal to load impedance
Answer: D
139. A 3-phase 50 Hz, 6 pole squirrel cage induction motor will run at a synchronous speed of ____
a. 960 rpm
b. 1000 rpm
c. 1500 rpm
d. 1600 rpm
Answer: B
140. When a computer is first turned on or restarted a special type of absolute loader is executed called a
a. Compile and Go ‘loader
b. Pre boot loader
c. Relating loader
d. Bootstrap loader
Answer: D
141. If the data is present in the instruction, such type of instructions are called as
a. Direct addressing
b. Indirect addressing
c. Register addressing
d. Immediate addressing
Answer: D
142. The bit rate of a digital communication system is 34 Mbits/sec. the modulation scheme used is QPSK. The baud rate of the system is
a. 8.5 M bit/sec
b. 17 bit/sec
c. 34 bit/sec
d. 68 bit/sec
Answer: B
143. A connecting probe in CRO causes
a. Loading
b. Distortion in the wave
c. Both
d. None
Answer: D
144. One of the following is a direct entry input devices
a. Key to diskette
b. Punched card
c. Computer terminal
d. Mouse
Answer: D
145. Noise figure is used as figure of merit of
a. Oscillator
b. Amplifier
c. Modulator
d. Isolator
Answer: B
146. The speed at which serial data is transmitted is referred to
a. Bps
b. Baud rate
c. Either 1 or 2
d. None
Answer: C
147. After reset, CPU begins execution of instructions from which memory address
a. 0000H
b. 0001H
c. 8000H
Answer: A
148. Consider the following program fragment
The number of times loop will be executed is
a. 16
b. 10
c. 1
d. Infinite
Answer: C
149. While calculating Routh-Hurwitz, if we have a row of all zeros, the row directly above it is known as the
a. Auxiliary polynomial
b. Polynomial
c. Transfer function
d. None
Answer: A
150. PMMC (D’Arsonval) is used for
a. AC current
b. DC voltage
c. AC voltage
d. All of them
Answer: B
151. Which of the following IP address is not assigned to any node by network planner
d. None
Answer: B
152. Characteristic impedance is also known as
a. Driving point impedance
b. Surge impedance
c. Iterative impedance
d. All of the above
Answer: B
153. In discrete time ____ is used to obtain transfer function
a. Laplace transform
b. Z – transform
c. Both
d. None
Answer: B
154. The device which does not have frequency dependent properties on its own is
a. Inductor
b. Capacitor
c. Resistor
d. All of the above
Answer: C
155. A speech signal occupying the bandwidth of 300 Hz to 3 KHz, is converted into PCM format for use in digital communication. If the sampling frequency is 8 KHz and each sample is quantized into 256 levels, then the output bit rate will be
a. 2048 kbps
b. 1024 kbps
c. 256 kbps
d. 64 kbps
Answer: D
156. When two frequencies f1 and f2 are applied to the horizontal and vertical amplifiers respectively of a CRO, a “Circle” is appeared on the CRT/CRO screen. With reference to the Lissajous figures, the ratio of frequencies f1 and f2 is
a. 2:1
b. 1:2
c. 1:1
d. 3:1
Answer: C
157. _____ is an electronic device that reduces the amplitude or power of a signal without appreciably distorting its waveform.
a. Amplifier
b. Attenuator
c. Mixer
d. All of the above
Answer: B
158. Basic interface in ISDN refers to the transmission speed of
a. 64 kbps
b. 128 kbps
c. 144 kbps
d. 1.544 Mbps
Answer: C
159. When dealing with signed numbers, microprocessors use
a. 1’s complement
b. Shift and add
c. 2’s complement
d. End around carry method
Answer: C
160. The FSK (with respect to HF radio transmissions) has two tones which are generally
a. 170 KHz apart
b. 170 Hz apart
c. 150 kHz apart
d. 150 Hz apart
Answer: B
161. The margin between actual gain and critical gain is a measure of
a. Relative stability
b. Absolute stability
c. Sensitivity
d. Gain margin
Answer: D
162. The maximum speed at which the data can be transmitted on each channel of a standard PCM stream is
a. 64 kbps
b. 128 kbps
c. 2 Mbps
d. 4 Mbps
Answer: A
163. Waveguides are generally made up of
a. Gold
b. Bronze or Aluminum
c. PVC
Answer: B
164. For a stable system, the roots of the characteristic equation must lie on
a. Real axis only
b. Imaginary axis only
c. Left half plane
d. Right half plane
Answer: C
165. When an instruction is read from the memory, it is called
a. Memory read cycle
b. Fetch cycle
c. Instruction cycle
d. Memory write cycle
Answer: B
166. _____ is an electrical device that coverts direct current to alternating current
a. Rectifier
b. Cyclo converter
c. Inverter
d. All the above
Answer: C
167. Any physical system which does not vary automatically for variation in output is called
a. Closed loop system
b. Open loop system
c. Unstable system
d. Stable system
Answer: B
168. Spread spectrum multiplexing is also known as
a. Time division multiplexing
b. frequency division multiplexing
c. code division multiplexing
d. all the above
Answer: C
169. Signature Analyzers are able to detect______
a. digital waveform patterns
b. digital logic patterns
c. digital logic state
d. none
Answer: A
170. short circuited stubs are preferred to open circuited stubs because the latter are
a. more difficult to make
b. more difficult to connect
c. liable to radiate
d. incapable of giving a full range of reactances
Answer: C
171. What function enable a user to input information (in C language) while program is in execution
a. Printf
b. Scanf
c. &&
d. Strcpy
Answer: B
172. Which of the following is not performed by a microprocessor
a. Controlling the timing of a information flow
b. Performing the computing tasks specified in a program
c. Communicating with all peripherals using system bus
d. Storing results in registers
Answer: A
173. The length of IPv4 address is
a. 32 bytes
b. 4 bytes
c. 8 bytes
d. 2 bits
Answer: B
174. The bridge which is used to measure values of resistance below 1 ohm is
a. Wheatstone bridge
b. Kelvin’s bridge
c. Maxwell’s bridge
d. Hay’s bridge
Answer: B
175. The power factor of an AC electric power system is defined as the ratio of
a. Real power flowing to the load to the apparent power in the circuit
b. Apparent power in the circuit to the real power flowing to the load
c. Real power flowing to the load to the apparent voltage in the circuit
d. None
Answer: A
176. A circuit with a resistor, inductor and capacitor in series is resonant at fo Hz. If all the component values are now doubled, the new resonant frequency is
a. 2fo
b. Remains unchanged
c. fo/2
d. fo/4
Answer: C
177. transformer works on the principle of ____
a. mutual induction
b. self induction
c. both
d. none
Answer: A
178. ____ layer is not present in the TCP/IP interface reference compared to OSI layers
a. Transport
b. Session
c. Internet
d. Application
Answer: B
179. Introduction of parity bit for error detection does not imply
a. Increase in the lengths of the code
b. Increase in the hardware of the system
c. Automatic error correction
d. All the above
Answer: C
180. In continuous time ______ is used to obtain transfer function
a. Laplace transform
b. Z – transform
c. Both
d. None
Answer: A
181. Nyquist stability test is a graphical method an its advantages are
a. Applicable to experimental results of frequency response of open loop system
b. Closed loop stability can be predicted from open loop poles
c. It indicates how to stabilize an unstable system
d. All the above
Answer: D
182. CT and PT are used generally to
a. Step up the respective quantities
b. Step down the respective quantities
c. Both
d. none
Answer: B
183. The Routh-Hurwitz criteria is comprised of ____ separate tests that must be satisfied for a stable system
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
Answer: C
184. Signal flow graph is used to obtain the
a. Stability of the system
b. Transfer function of the system
c. Controllability of the system
d. Observability of the system
Answer: B
185. Which of the following has highest priority
b. RST 6.5
c. RST 7.5
Answer: D

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