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  1. sir please upload the MATLAB LECTURE NO-5
    (MATRIX CONCEPT), lecture n0- 5 is missing in MATLAB tutorial.

  2. sir please upload 4,5,6,7,8 units of sdsd notes for eie 2nd yr

  3. sir i have a slower network i cant download this much bigfile u can please tell me the website where i can buy this dvds

  4. sir below is the list of video lectures mentioned as on youtube.
    but i am not able to find lec 1 to lec 25. and lec 53,54,55.
    please send me link for same.
    Video Lectures on "VLSI Devices and Model" by Prof. S.K. Lahiri sir, IIT KGP
    1. Semiconductor Materials and Structures
    2. Semiconductor Band Structures
    3. Electron and holes Statistics
    4. Carrier Mobility and Conductivity
    5. Carrier diffusion, generation/recombination, high-field effect
    6. Avalanche Multiplication, Hall Effect
    7. p-n junction formation, built-in potential
    8. Quasi Fermi levels, p-n electrostatics
    9. Abrupt and linearly graded p-n junction depletion layers and capacitance
    10. Current - Voltage relation in p-n junction - I
    11. Current - Voltage relation in p-n junction - II
    12. Generation / recombination currents, diffusion capacitance
    13. Diodes equivalent circuit, Breakdown voltage
    14. Junction curvature effect, transient behaviour, noise
    15. Tunnel diode, metal-semiconductor junctions
    16. Schottky diodes, Ohmic contacts
    17. Heterojunctions
    18. Bipolar Junction Transistor, current-voltage relations
    19. Current gain in BJT
    20. Bandgap narrowing, Auger recombination, Early effect & punch-through in BJT
    21. Breakdown voltage in BJT, small-signal equivalent circuit
    22. Cut-off frequency of BJT, switching behaviour, HBT
    23. HBT, SCR, JEFT
    24. MOS devices classification, basic concepts of MOS field effect
    25. Induced surface charge in MOS, accumulation, depletion & inversion layers
    26. Capacitance-voltage characteristics, threshold voltage of MOS capacitor
    27. Flat-Band voltage
    28. Gate oxide charges, interface states, streching of CV plots
    29. Transport through gate oxide, MOSFET
    30. Current-voltage relation of long-channel MOSFETs
    31. Drain conductance, transconductance, effect of drain-included channel depletion
    32. Accurate model of drain current saturation, body effect
    33. Drift-diffusion model, subthreshold conduction
    34. Subthreshold slope, mobility model in MOSFETs
    35. Temperature effect, eq circuit of MOSFET, threshold voltage control
    36. Channel implantation, Substrate bias sensitivity
    37. Scaling of MOSFETs, Short-channel effects
    38. Charge sharing model
    39. Narrow width effect, channel length modulation, hot carrier effects
    40. MOSFET fabrication, self-aligned silicide technology., LDD MOSFET
    42. Oxide isolate CMOS, control of latch-up, SOI
    43. Charge Coupled Devices (CCD)
    44. MESFET, Permeable base transistor
    45. Advanced high-speed devices, MODFET, Quantum devices
    46. Level 1 model of MOSFET - I
    47. Level 1 model of MOSFET - II
    48. Level 2 model of MOSFET - I ; mobility modelling, subthreshold current, channel length modulation
    49. Level 2 model of MOSFET - II ; short channel effect, velocity saturation
    50. Level 2 model of MOSFET - III ; narrow width effect, gate capacitance
    51. Level 2 model of MOSFET - IV ; junction capacitances
    52. Level 3 model of MOSFET ; slope discontinuity, gate capacitances, BSIM model
    53. BJT models : Basic Ebers-Moll model, basic Gummel-Poon model
    54. Model derivation
    55. Moll-Ross equation, high injection effect