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Video lectures from IIT Professors - Mechanical Engineering (ME)

1.   Strength of Materials   -    Prof. B.K. Mishra

2.    Mechanical Measurements and Metrology    -    Prof. M.S. Shanmugam

3.    Industrial Engineering     -     Prof. P.K. Jain

4.    Advanced Strength of Materials     -     Prof. S.K. Maiti

5.   Kinematics of Machines     -    Prof. Ashok K Mallik

6.    Manufacturing Processes I    -    Prof. Pradeep Kumar

7.    Design of Machine Elements I     -    Prof. G. Chakraborty

8.   Dynamics of Machines     -     Prof. Amitabha Ghosh

9.    Manufacturing Processes II    -    Prof. S. Paul

10.    Heat and Mass Transfer     -     Prof. S.P. Sukhatme

11.   Project and Production Management    -    Prof. Arun Kanda

12.   Refrigeration and Air Conditioning    -    Prof. R.C. Arora

13.   Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing    -    Prof. P.V. Madhusudan Rao

14.   Robotics     -    Prof. P. Seshu

15.   Advanced Operations Research    -    Prof. G. Srinivasan

16.   Finite Element Method    -     Prof. C.S. Upadhyay

17.    Introduction to Finite Element Method    -    Dr. R. Krishnakumar

18.    Principles of Mechanical Measurements     -    Prof. R. Raman

19.    Advanced Finite Elements Analysis     -    Dr. R. Krishnakumar

20.    Fundamentals of Operations Research    -    Prof. G. Srinivasan   
21.  Basic Thermodynamics -  Prof. S.K. Som
22.  Design and Optimization of Energy systems  -  Prof. C. Balaji 
23.  Engineering Mechanics  -  Prof. U.S. Dixit 
24.  Experimental Stress Analysis  -  Prof. K. Ramesh 
25.  Mechanical Vibrations  -  Prof. S.K. Dwivedy 


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    I am majeed i am mechanical Engineering Student my subject follwing pls help me 1. Engineering Materials 2.Engineering Dynamics3.Electrical Technology4.nglish & Communication Skills5.Linear Algebra, Differential Equation and Solid Geometry. God Bless u

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