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U Can Do Video Lecture Series on Electronics Video Training

Electronics video Training

  The Basic Electronic training series consists of six (6)
  computer animated DVD's.  Each DVD may be purchased
  individually, or  you may purchase them as a set.  The
  choice is yours.  The more you purchase, the more you 
  Save!  Each DVD title comes with its own question-answer
  workbook to assist you in gaining the most from this
  valuable training. 

Part 1 - DC .avi

Part 2 - AC.avi

Part 3 - Semiconductors

Part 4 - Power Supplies.avi

Part 5 Amplifiers

Part 6 - Oscillators


  1. respected sir,
    we are highly indebted to you..
    please accept our reverence from the bottom of our hearts...
    please bless us..
    may God bestow all the happiness and blessings on you for your service to the mankind...

  2. yaa......really its awesome. Thanks you so much.

  3. its very very helpful for the students as well as people who want to pursue their career in the core domain.

    thank you very much

  4. can someone upload the lecture series or many material regarding to RF and Microwave circuit design for wireless applications