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Lecture Notes on Integrated Microelectronic Devices by Prof. Jesus del Alamo, MIT

Integrated Microelectronic Devices

L1 6.720 overview; fundamental concepts (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
L2 Intrinsic, extrinsic semiconductors; conduction and valence band density of states (DOS) (PDF)
L3 Carrier statistics in semiconductors; Fermi level (PDF)
L4 Generation and recombination mechanisms; equilibrium rates (PDF)
L5 Generation and recombination rates outside equilibrium (PDF)
L6 Carrier dynamics; thermal motion (PDF)
L7 Drift; diffusion; transit time (PDF)
L8 Non-uniform doping distribution (PDF)
L9 Quasi-Fermi levels; continuity equations (PDF)
L10 Shockley equations; majority-carrier type situations (PDF)
L11 Minority-carrier type situations: statics (PDF)
L12 Minority-carrier dynamics; space-charge and high resistivity (SCR) transport; carrier multiplication (PDF)
L13 PN junction: electrostatics in and out of equilibrium (PDF)
L14 PN junction: depletion capacitance; current-voltage (I-V) characteristics (PDF)
L15 PN junction: carrier storage; diffusion capacitance; PN diode: parasitics (PDF)
L16 PN junction dynamics; PN diode: non-ideal and second-order effects (PDF)
L17 Metal-semiconductor junction electrostatics in and out of equilibrium; capacitance-voltage (C-V) characteristics (PDF)
L18 Metal semiconductor junction I-V characteristics (PDF)
L19 Schottky diode; equivalent-circuit model; ohmic contacts (PDF)
L20 Ideal semiconductor surface (PDF)
L21 Metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) in equilibrium (PDF)
L22 MOS outside equilibrium; Poisson-Boltzmann formulation (PDF)
L23 Simplifications to Poisson-Boltzmann formulation (PDF)
L24 Dynamics of MOS structure: C-V characteristics; three-terminal MOS (PDF)
L25 Inversion layer transport (PDF)
L26 Long-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect (MOSFET): I-V characteristics (PDF - 1.1 MB)
L27 I-V characteristics (cont.): body effect, back bias (PDF)
L28 I-V characteristics (cont.): channel-length modulation, sub threshold regime (PDF)
L29 C-V characteristics; small-signal equivalent circuit models (PDF)
L30 Short-channel MOSFET: short-channel effects (PDF)
L31 MOSFET short-channel effects (cont.) (PDF)
L32 MOSFET scaling (PDF)
L33 Evolution of MOSFET design (PDF)
L34 Bipolar junction transistor (BJT) intro; basic operation (PDF)
L35 BJT I-V characteristics in forward-active (PDF)
L36 Other regimes of operation of BJT (PDF)
L37 BJT C-V characteristics; small-signal equivalent circuit models (PDF)
L38 BJT high-frequency characteristics (PDF)
L39 BJT non-ideal effects; evolution of BJT design; bipolar issues in complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) (PDF)

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