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MIT Lecture Notes on Solid State Circuits by Prof. James Roberge

Solid-State Circuits

1 Transistor biasing and thoughts on design (PDF)
2 Device physics and modeling (PDF)
3 AC coupling and single-transistor amplifiers (PDF)
4 Fairchild µA733 video amplifier (PDF)
5 Miller effect (PDF)
6 Bandwidth in multistage amplifiers (PDF)
7 Emitter degeneration and more on multistage amps (PDF)
8 LM172 AGC AM IF strip (PDF)
9 Feedback biasing in circuits (PDF)
10 Op-amp applications (PDF)
11 Analog computation (PDF)
12 Base-width modulation (PDF)
13 Current sources and current mirrors (PDF)
14 Op-amps and assorted other topics (PDF)
15 Op-amp non-idealities (PDF)
16 More on op-amp tricks (PDF)
17 Lab 2 wrap-up, op-amps continued  
18 "Pythagorators" and other circuits (PDF)
19 More on translinear circuits (PDF)
20 I/V and V/I conversion (PDF)
21 Current-feedback or transimpedance amplifiers (PDF)
22 More on transimpedance amplifiers and intro to Zener diode references (PDF)
23 Zener diode references (cont.) (PDF)
24 Charge control with demo (PDF)
25 More on charge control and space-charge lasers (PDF)
26 Charge control wrap-up (PDF)

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